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October 28, 2009

The National Rating Agency has confirmed METROPOL Asset Management Ltd.’s individual reliability rating at AA (very high reliability, level two)

The National Rating Agency (NRA) notes in a press release that through its reliance on METROPOL Group’s infrastructure, experience and achievements, METROPOL Asset Management has been able to offer a wide range of financial services to its clients, managing their investment portfolios within the frameworks of both trust management products and mutual funds.  METROPOL Asset Management Ltd. also offers to invest its clients’ non-state pension fund and insurance company reserves.
Against the backdrop of the economic crisis, the Company’s operations are focused on strengthening its market positions and shielding its financial and economic performance from the currently-difficult underlying factors.  METROPOL Asset Management Ltd.’s strategy is aimed at developing new lines of business and expanding its range of services.  The Company plans to focus on improving its services’ quality and ensuring that its clients are offered both accessible and comfortable service.
The total volume assets managed by the Company based on Q2 2009 results stood at 8,807.43 million rubles, having grown by eight percent for the accounting period.
“The rating score reflects the Company’s good capitalization, stable market positions, a conservative approach to risk and the presence of advanced risk management systems that are integrated into the corresponding structures of the parent company.  The rating score is boosted further by (the Company’s) good liquidity and profitability indicators, the high level of its corporate governance, and an effective management team that has considerable experience in investment management.  The rating score also accounts for (the Company’s) ties to METROPOL Group of companies, which has a positive effect on the Asset Management Company’s business development,” comments National Rating Agency Analytical Department Head Karina Artemyeva.

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