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August 01, 2007

Open Society METROPOL AM starts formation of open index share investment fund "METROPOL POSEIDON - Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Index"

On the 10th of August 2007 Open Society METROPOL AM will start formation of a new fund - open index share investment fund "METROPOL POSEIDON - Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Index".
(Rules are registered by The Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation on 19th of July, 2007 № 0891-94127273).
The period of formation of OISIF "METROPOL POSEIDON - Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Index" begins on the 10th of August 2007 and comes to end on 31st of October 2007 or earlier at cost of the fund property reaching 10 000 000 (Ten millions) rubles.
Within the period of formation of fund shares are acquired without extra charge. The minimum sum of investment - 10.000 rubles at the initial acquisition (within the period of fund formation and after its termination) and 3.000 rubles - at the subsequent acquisition of shares.
Before acquisition of the investment share it is necessary to familiarize attentively with the Rules of trust management of Funds. Cost of investment shares can both increase and decrease, results of investment in the past do not define incomes in the future, the state does not guarantee profitableness of investments into share investment funds.
The Rules of Funds, other documents and information concerning management of Funds are published in «Appendix to FFMS Bulletin» and are given by phone: (495) 741-70-50 or in the Internet at the address: <>, and also in places of receiving applications for acquisition, exchange and repayment of investment shares of Funds.

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