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March 02, 2007

The basic results of activity of Open Company CB "OBIBANK" on results of 2006

News agency "RosBusinessConsulting" has summed up activity of the Russian bank sector in 2006. The basic results reached by Open Company CB "OBIBANK" on January, 1st, 2007, are the following:
• pure actives reached 9355,3 million roubles and have shown impressive growth in comparison with previous year, having increased in 3,4 times, while pure actives of the 200 largest banks have grown in 2006 for 47,75 %. It has allowed OBIBANK to take place the 140th place in the second hundred of the largest Russian commercial banks on this parameter;
• The size of the own capital practically hasn’t changed and is estimated in 430,9 million roubles. The ratio of the own capital to pure actives is kept at low enough level - 4,6 %, that, certainly, constrains the further forward development of the bank. Estimating the situation, the majority participant of the bank - IFC “METROPOL” - is intend in the current year to undertake the concrete steps on increase in the nominal capital of the Bank;
• The size of the credit briefcase was estimated in 1571,5 million roubles and has increased in comparison with the last year 37,5 % that has placed the bank on the 276th place. Thus the share of credits in pure actives of the Bank has made up 16,8 %, and crediting of the legal persons was the dominating direction of the credit policy of the Bank: it makes 88, 6 % from total amount of the given credits. Negative profit on the credit portfolio remains insignificant and makes 0,3 % from its size;
• The depositary portfolio of the bank has reached 8301,2 million roubles, having shown more than quadruple growth in comparison with the beginning of 2006. On the size of depositary portfolio OBIBANK was fixed on the 98th place in the first hundred of the largest Russian banks;
• investments in securities have made 547,2 million roubles, having increased on 32,9 %on comparison with the last year. On this parameter the bank has borrowed the 162nd place.

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