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May 19, 2010

MBC Corporation website updated and supplemented

A project to update and edit the texts of the Russian-language version of MBC Corporation’s website has been completed. Apart from clarifying and supplementing the facts and figures, the project included expansion and revision of the site’s structure.

Two main communications objectives have been achieved: simplifying searching and navigation as well as ensuring that visitors are given full and structured information about the company’s projects.

Updating the site became a priority in late 2009, when MBC Corporation advanced to the stage of experimental industrial development of the Ozerny deposit. The advance to the new stage has led to a sharp increase in the number of visits to the site by representatives of government agencies, potential bidders, the press and many others interested in the company’s activities.

Most of the site’s sections have been changed.

The subsections on the Ozerny Mining Processing Plant (OMPP) and the Nazarovo and Kholodnino deposits, as well as the Yermakovo Mining and Metallurgical Plant were updated with the addition of information about the status of each project and an expanded list of facts and figures.

New branches were added to the sitemap: a section on infrastructure with appropriate subdivisions. The information about the plans for the construction of the external infrastructure of the OMPP is intended to supplement the comprehensive picture of the construction project of the OMPP on the most promising zinc deposit in Russia.

The update affected the sections featuring information about the MBC Corporation itself, its mining division and exploration projects.

Finally, another important element in the project was an update to the way in which tabular data are presented, making them much easier to visualize and analyze.

The average number of daily unique visitors increased from January to May 2010, while the average time they spend on the site is more than three minutes now, visitors viewing four pages on average. Traffic comes mainly from Russia, China and the Great Britain, which are the main locations of companies interested in participating in the OMPP construction.

The English-language portion of the site will be likewise upgraded in the near future.

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