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November 25, 2008

National Rating Agency confirms individual reliability rating of IFC METROPOL

The National Rating Agency has confirmed an individual reliability rating for IFC METROPOL at AAA level (maximum reliability). This was announced in a message from the National Rating Agency on 25 November 2008.
In the message, it was noted in particular:
“The activity of IFC METROPOL is characterized by a high degree of business diversification and a professional team of managers. The company has a good reputation and trust from its clients, partners and contractors and plays an appreciable role in the Russian share market. The investment policy of the company is relatively courageous. To lower risks of trading operations, the system constructed in the company allows risk-management.
“The company is private, and the final beneficiary is the founder of the company and its permanent head, Director General of IFC METROPOL, Mikhail Slipenchuk. The activity of the company is sufficiently transparent for participants of the financial market. The company has a good organizational-administrative structure.
“The company gives reporting according to both Russian and international standards, and on a regular basis provides consolidated reporting according to international standards. Analysis of the financial reporting of the company according to Russian Accounting Standards allows ascertaining a stable value of the main financial parameters. As for extra funds (short and long-term), the company has a low value of own capital. The level of liquidity is sufficient to maintain solvency of the company. The level of business of the company has not decreased from the point of crisis, which in many respects is promoted by the diversification of operations within the framework of investment services. In addition, the company has a steady client base.
“Confirmation of the rating is conditioned by a long history of the company’s existence, the presence of a high-grade strategy of development in the company, a satisfactory level of corporate management and the presence of a high-grade system risk-management allowing minimization of the level of negative influence on the activity of the company by external and internal factors.”

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