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December 08, 2011

An exhibition of photographic works by Vincent Perez opens in Moscow with the support of METROPOL Group of Companies

The exhibition was opened in RuArts, a Moscow gallery of contemporary arts on December 7, 2011 and will be on show till December 11. The opening of the exhibition coincided with the celebration of the birthday of the gallery. Among the visitors of the event one can name the representatives of cultural and art circles, politicians, businessmen and the Moscow beau monde.

Vincent Perez is first of all known  as a cinematographer, actor, director and producer. However, he confessed that photography was his first and main passion. International photo project “From Vladivostok to Paris” by Vincent Perez started in September 2011 in Vladivostok within the framework of the Ninth international cinema festival of Asian and Pacific region states “Meridians of the Pacific” and is to be finished in Paris in 2012.  The exhibition was organized in Moscow by RuArts gallery with the support of IFC METROPOL.

The photographs show actors, ballet dancers, bohemian circles, businessmen, people that made success and lived out their dreams, as well as the actor’s friends and acquaintances from France and Russia.  Many of them are well-known celebrities: Gerard Depardieu, Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni, Bono, Luc Besson, Oleg Tabakov, Yury Solomin and Mikhail Slipenchuk, the head of METROPOL Group, who is shown in a kimono.

Mikhail Slipenchuk visited the opening ceremony and shared his impressions from the exhibition and his own image. “The photo session was carried out during my karate session, and there were a lot of dynamic images. However Vincent chose the photo that shows me propping up against a wall after the training session was over, a bit tired”. Vincent is a man of art, he has his own vision and I trust him,” – he added. The other visitors confirmed: the image appeared to be imbued with emotion, it embodies power, strength and equanimity.

Among the photos he liked most M.Slipenchuk mentioned the portraits of Oleg Tabakov and Olga Zhigmitova, a dancer of Buryatia academic opera and ballet theatre, depicted in a  national dress. The background formed by contemporary interior decorations makes her look like a fairy-tale princess, a time traveler captured by the camera. “Buryatia is a wonderful region, rich in traditions, culture, old legends, unique nature. It is the heart of Russia and its might, - stated M.Slipenchuk. – It is important to support and develop its culture. Buryatia has a lot to be proud of and a lot to tell the world about. I am glad that patronage traditions in Russia now face their revival, and I am always happy to support cultural projects. I will do everything possible for their development in Buryatia. Me and my friend Vincent Perez have an idea to make a film about the Lake Baikal”.

“What attracts me most in this exhibition is the people’s desire to broaden their horizons, - said Sergei Stepanchenko, People’s Artist of Russia, one of the highlights of the exhibition, - for example, my friend Mikhail Slipenchuk does not limit his activities to financial projects only. I am truly amazed by what he does to bring other people’s art to the public!”

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