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October 20, 2011


Investment and financial company METROPOL participated in the first Moscow international financial week that took place in Moscow on October 18-21, 2011.
The forum was a place of opinions exchange for the representatives of international financial community: a wide range of national and international specialists in financing participated in it. The organizers state that the demand for such a conference was high. World financial system may face another recession in the near future – this conclusion was made by the participants of a panel discussion of MOSINTERFIN 2011.
On October 18, the first day of the forum, a discussion “International development banks: possibilities and demands” took place. Among the participants was Alexei Rodzyanko, chief executive officer of Investment and Financial Company METROPOL. In this section the experts of international banks discussed the extent to which international development banks resolve the issues of sustainable economic growth support in the countries of their regions, as well as the possibilities of development banks in the financing of modernization and innovative break-through. The participants of the discussion drew special attention to the participation of such organizations in the formation of International Financial center in Moscow. Alexei Rodzyanko shared with the participants his vision of Moscow IFC development prospects. He pointed out that the idea of formation of an IFC in Moscow is quite realistic, but complicated. Mr. Rodzyanko highlighted that the state clearly understands the measures to be taken for it and is determined to act. He also gave examples of particular approaches in this area taken in the last years and specified that the level of collaboration between Russia and international financial organizations was increasing. Among other positive changes A. Rodzyanko mentioned the occurrence of investment companies with state capital that gradually form a platform for the formation of Moscow IFC.
On October 19 a round-table discussion under the motto “Financial dialog between Russia and EU: Prospects of broadening of resources inflow into real economy” took place. Pyotr Kadysh, head of the Department for the analysis of debt instruments and derivatives of International and Financial Company METROPOL participated in it. He presented a report “Measures for the enforcement of financial and economics system in the format Russia-EU taking into account the experience gained in the course of the recent recession”. Having analyzed the data about capital flows inside Europe and direct investments from the EU states into Russian economy, P. Kadysh made a conclusion that Russia should concentrate on the attraction of investments from central states of Euro zone (Germany, France). Stable European economies in their turn should invest more in Russia and not in peripheral European economies, because our country is able to secure good capital return.  This report aroused the interest of the participants and was followed by a discussion.
In general the experts of Investment and Financial Company METROPOL mentioned the high level of organization of MOSINTERFIN-2011 and the topicality of such a forum. “The forum unites serious state and international organizations and high ranked persons. It makes the forum an interesting and important event”, - specified Alexei Rodzyanko.

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The forum was dedicated to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Japan.



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