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July 12, 2012

Metropol-FOREX Presented to the Press

On 11 July 2012, at The Ritz-Carlton, the METROPOL Group of Companies presented to the press a new direction in its activities – services for entering the Forex market.
Russian clients can get access to FXCM products through Metropol (UK) Ltd., and local support to FXCM clients is provided by the Moscow office of the METROPOL Group of Companies.
Aleksey Rodzyanko, Chief Executive Director of IFC METROPOL, opened the press conference. “We feel the need to diversify our work and expand the range of financial products. Our clients can now access the Forex market. We are the main introducing broker of FXCM in Russia. FXCM is a large international company. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and its activities are strictly regulated. Our partners are responsible for their actions and for the quality of their services”, said Mr Rodzyanko.

Arthur Plaude, Managing Director, Fixed Income Department, provided additional information about METROPOL’s new partner. As he noted, “FXCM is a successful company. It has access to capital. It hires the best specialists in the Forex market and developed the best product - technological, analytical and educational. The main distinction of FXCM business model from others is that FXCM is on the clients’ side. The company does not act as the second party to a transaction as generally happens on Forex where all companies have dealer desks, and clients sell or purchase currencies from their dealer. In case of a large one-sided stream of requests, a dealer is interested in driving the price up or down.  FXCM does not take clients to the monetary exchange. The Company gets its own mark-up and a small commission fee from transactions. Transactions are made within seconds at best prices provided by leading global liquidity suppliers including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as well as other clients that put their bids in the system and provide for additional liquidity.  FXCM also has the best analytic tools in the Forex market. The Company’s team processes news and develops analytical materials 24 hours a day. These materials are now available in Russian on the website of Metropol-FOREX project”.

Vera Mogratskaya, Metropol-FOREX Project Manager, told more about the technologies used by FXCM in its work: “FXCM is a company that combines two factors in its work. It is maximum reliability for clients and a highly technological product. FXCM uses the non dealing desk technology which allows processing client transactions of nearly any amount without dealers’ interference. A majority of players in this market does not provide such option”.
Vera Morgatskaya also said that the Company offers a wide range of trading instruments for its clients including over sixty currency pairs including the ruble, oil, major world indexes and precious metals.  FXCM offers a selection of several terminals that include the Trading Station developed by the Company and MetaTrader, a platform well-known in Russia and around the world.  The main advantage is that when signing a contract with FXCM, a client obtains the access both to Trading Station and MetaTrader.  These platforms can be used both from a computer and a cell phone. Arthur Plaude showed how the platforms can be used with a cell phone.

FXCM offers several kinds of trading accounts for various groups of clients: first-time users, more advanced users and professionals. First-time users are recommended to open demo and mini accounts, study the trading technology and technical capabilities of the platforms.
More experienced clients can use standard accounts. FXCM offers beneficial terms for professional traders and corporate clients. For giving instructions on FXCM clients use a convenient personal online account.
 The reports were followed with numerous questions from the journalists regarding the present and future of the Forex market and FXCM technologies that are now available to the METROPOL Group’s clients.

Petr Kadysh, Svetlana Deyneka and Vera Morgatskaya talking behind the scenes

Aleksey Rodzyanko, Chief Executive Director of IFC METROPOL, opening the press conference

Presentation by Arthur Plaude, Managing Director, Fixed Income Department

Metropol-FOREX Project Manager talks about the new product

Arthur Plaude about the Metropol-FOREX

Talking with reporters

Talking with reporters

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