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September 16, 2004

Central Dodze of the Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation opened in Moscow

On September 13, 2004 the Central Dodze (training hall) of Russia’s Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation was opened in Moscow through the efforts of IFC METROPOL . It is one of the largest halls for Kyokushinkan Karate trainings. Today there are as many as 12 million Kyokushinkan followers in the world. The Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation in Russia is headed by IFC METROPOL General Director Mikhail Slipenchuk. The Dodze is placed at Kashirskoye highway, 39.

The opening was timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the Alexander Nesterenko school. Kyokushinkan Karate-do founder Masutatsa Oyama appointed Nesterenko, who holds a black belt (6th dan), head of the Kyokushinkan Karate school in the European part of Russia.

Alexander Nesterenko, 43, won and participated in a number of national and international karate tournaments. He is the only Russian who had 50 sequential fights against black belts. Dozens of young people from Moscow are training under his guidance.

“If you want to start fighting karate you need a training hall, kimono and a desire to follow the Way of Karate. We want to take children off just hanging around. Enhancing interests in Eastern culture and marshal arts will help prevent children from being neglected,” Alexander Nesterenko said.

The hall is decorated in Japanese style thus facilitating trainings.

Among the guests were famous Russian athletes, followers and founders of Russian arms of marshal arts, government officials, young trainees and their parents. People who gave a welcome speech included Mikhail Slipenchuk (The Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation President and IFC METROPOL General Director), Alexander Nesterenko, Kyokushinkan Karate sihan, Gleb Muzrukov (The Ushu Federation President, marshal arts trainer, adviser of the Chairman of Russia’s State Sport Committee), Sergey Ryabukhin, Alexei Shturmin (founder of Russian karate-do, the merited coach of the Russian Federation) and Sergey Tsiklauri (merited Master of Sport, champion and prizewinner of leading karate competitions, 3th dan).

The Nesterenko school’s trainees demonstrated great professionalism. Athletes from the Ushu national team made a high-quality showing, including daoshu.

"The Central Dodze would be the first step toward enticing young people from Moscow into marshal arts and Japanese culture,” said Mikhail Slipenchuk. “We are planning to open another two halls in Luzhniki. We are sure that marshal arts with many-centuries traditions, worship for great fighters and strict discipline will be the best foundation for the development of youth sport. Among the best traits that can be developed through the Way of Karate is respect for a mentor, hardiness, patience that are needed to achieve a goal.”

Address: Kashirskoye highway, 39. The Central Dodze of Russia’s Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation.

About the Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation, Russia

Russia’s Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation was set up in 2004 and was admitted to the International Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation. The Federation’s goal is to create and support youth sport schools, promote and keep the Kyokushinkan traditions in Russia.

Though the Federation is young, it has achieved a lot. In May 2004 the Federation held the Youth Open Team Cup and the men’s international competition bringing together athletes from Russia, the CIS, Europe and Asia. Following the competitions the national team was formed to train for the Kyokushinkan Karate World Championship that will take place outside Japan for the first time. It will be held in Luzhniki, Moscow, in September 2005.

The Federation is headed by IFC METROPOL General Director Mikhail Slipenchuk.

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