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January 10, 2007

AM METROPOL has summed up on management of share investment funds for 2006

Results of management for 2006 appeared successful for shareholders of AM METROPOL:
• METROPOL Afina Mixed Investments Fund provided in 2006 to shareholders profitability at the rate of 51,04 % (for 3 months of 22,04 %, for 6 months of 34,75 %, for 3 years of 145,83 %) - one of the best results among the Russian funds of the mixed investments.
• METROPOL Zolotoye Runo Equity Fund brought for shareholders the income at the rate of 43,17 % (for 3 months of 22,74 %, for 6 months of 33,95 %, for 3 years of 163,18 %).
• METROPOL Zeus Bond Fund brought for shareholders in 2006 the income at the rate of 11,68 % (for 3 months of 7,43 %, for 6 months of 9,79 %, for 3 years of 32,63 %). Results on profitableness are given as of 29.12.2006. Thus, even the most conservative METROPOL Zeus Bond Fund provided to shareholders profitability exceeding the rate of inflation and depositary rates of large Russian banks.

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