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  • December: Supported by the Fund of Development of Fighting Arts and by the Federation of Kyokusin-kan karate-do in Russia, on December, 17–19 in Podolsk there took place an Open International Tournament «Cup of Nations». The strongest fighters from twelve countries participated in the competition, but the Russian sportsmen perfectly showed their worth, having won in all the weight categories.
    The affiliated company IFC «METROPOL» won the auction for the right to use mineral resources of the deposit Nazarovsky in the Republic of Buryatiya with a view of prospecting and mining of gold — sulphide — zincian ores.
    The General Director of the IFC «METROPOL» M.V.  Slipenchuk became member of the Committee on audit of the JSC «Rostelecom». The Committee shall be directly responsible for control over independent auditor’s activities, financial accountability of the company and compliance with the relevant law regulations of the Russian Federation. 
  • November: At the largest in the territory of Russia and CIS countries International Business — Forum «Global CRM», devoted to management technologies of mutual relations with clients, the IFC «METROPOL» received the Diploma «Best consulting project of the year» at the tender of projects introducing CRM systems.
    The IFC «METROPOL» has assisted in reviving the two temples in Buryatiya. Financial assistance was made to the construction of the orthodox church in the village of Sosnovo-Ozersk and to restoration of the Buddhistic temple in the region of Eravninsky of the Republic of Buryatiya. 
  • October: The All-Russian men open Kyokushinkan Karate-do tournament, “The Federation Cup,” was held in Krasnodar through support from IFC METROPOL, Commercial Bank “OBIBANK”, POWER INTERNATIONAL and other partners. At the same time Russian athletes from the Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation, who won the international competition in the Republic of South Africa, were welcomed in Moscow.
  • September: A company, representing the interests of IFC METROPOL, won the auction for the development of Kholodnenskoye, Russia’s major zinc and lead deposit. The winning was secured by the plans to develop industry-related businesses of the Group.
    The Central Dodze (training hall) of Russia’s Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation was opened in Moscow through the efforts of IFC METROPOL. It is one of the largest halls for Kyokushinkan Karate trainings. Today there are as many as 12 million Kyokushinkan followers in the world. The Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation in Russia is headed by IFC METROPOL General Director Mikhail Slipenchuk.
  • August: Crown Corporation Ltd. appointed IFC METROPOL financial adviser in Russia. IFC METROPOL will provide market-related consultations and assist the company with acquisitions and sale of businesses and assets.
    Investment units offered by the METROPOL asset management company were included in the MICEX unlisted stock providing investors with a more simplified scheme to buy and sell units at the exchange.
  • July: The Q2 results earned IFC METROPOL the 5th place among RTS classical market’s operators. The company’s transactions amounted to $179,98 mn.
    ООО Commercial bank "OBIBANK" paid off in advance the bonds convertible in OAO Rostelecom shares. OBIBANK’s bond issue was the first such financial instrument offered by a Russian company. IFC METROPOL acted as a lead manager, adviser and underwriter for the issue.
  • June: OAO Rostelecom shareholders elected a new Board of Directors at the annual general meeting. IFC METROPOL General Director Mikhail Slipenchuk was reelected to the Board for the third time. He represents minority shareholders’ interests.
    A press conference was held in Ulan-Ude to mark the opening of Tekhprominvest, IFC METROPOL’s subsidiary, in Buryatia. Earlier Tekhprominvest won the tender for the mining of this reserve, which is important for the company to further develop the battery holding. The license for the mining of the Ozernoye polymetallic deposit signed by the Natural Resource Ministry and the Republic of Buryatia was to be finalized.
  • May: The Kyokushinkan Karate-do Federation held a number of events in late May to promote this kind of sport. The Federation, headed by IFC METROPOL General Director Mikhail Slipenchuk, was created with the company’s assistance. On May 23 the Federation’s Youth Open Team Cup was held, on May 28-29 the men’s Kyokushinkan Karate-do Open International Competition took place.
    In May the company officially announced the opening of its office in Japan to facilitate cooperation between Russian and Japanese business communities and promote Russian investment opportunities among international investors.
  • April: The METROPOL asset management company announced the lowering to Rub 3000 of the minimum requirement for private investors of the Golden Fleece Fund and the Athena Fund. The company provided a greater number of investors with facilities to earn money with the help of high-yielding financial instruments.
    IFC METROPOL reaffirmed its standing among the leading investment companies. Based on the April results, the company retained the 5th place in terms of RTS trading volume.
  • March: Another acknowledgement by business community: IFC METROPOL General Director Mikhail Slipenchuk was elected to the Executive Committee of the Moscow International Business Association (MIBA) at its annual meeting.
  • February: New testimony of IFC METROPOL achievements. Following the January results the company was rated the 5th in terms of RTS trading volume. NAUFOR placed the METROPOL management company among the five major management companies.
  • January: On 29th Januart IFC Metropol becomes a member of National Securities Market Association.


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