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  • IFC METROPOL was recognized as the best investment Russian company of 2007 in the sphere of М&А according to the “Mergers and Acquisitions” magazine version.
  • IFC METROPOL and United World Securities (Japan) signed a package of agreements to set up internet trading of the shares of the Russian companies to the Japanese investors.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies and Nikken Sekkei, the largest Japanese company specializing in architectural and engineering services have signed an agreement for planning a project of Metropolia complex in Moscow.
  • J.M. Luzhkov, the Major of Moscow awarded M.V. Slipenchuk, General Director of IFC METROPOL with an anniversary medal “10 years of Moscow Central Stock Exchange”.
  • METROPOL Group of companies took part in the conference “Forming of the Russian brands and their promotion on the foreign markets”, annual round table conference “Corporate governance in Russia: results of the year” and in the awarding ceremony “Russian Corporate Governance Leaders-2007”.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies acted as the partner and co-organizer of the 4th International Junior Wrestling Festival, which was held in Moscow.


  • METROPOL Group mission headed by M.V. Slipenchuk assisted a number of major international conferences and forums: 11th International Business Conference “Economy Diversification through Innovations" held by RBC. Russian-Japanese business interaction (Tokyo); Russian-Finnish Economic Partnership Development Forum (Helsinki); Conference “Prospective and Capacity for Russian-Vietnamese Investment Cooperation” (Hanoi).
  • IFC METROPOL provided financial advisory OJSC “Gazprom” in placing bonds on Japanese stock market.
  • IFC METROPOL’s Director General M.V. Slipenchuk was elected as a member of the General Committee for All-Russian Social Agency to Promote Russian-Japanese Relations "Russian Committee of 21st Century”.
  • As part of business trip schedule to Vietnam М.V. Slipenchuk held meetings with members of Vietnamese Government.
  • IFC METROPOL’s Representative office in Tomsk region inaugurated.


  • The Delegation of МЕТROPOL Group headed by M.V. Slipenchuk took part in I Conference "The Concept of developed partnership in the field of raw materials resources" (Wiesbaden) and X International investment forum "Moscow-Invest-2007" (London).
  • МЕТROPOL Group acted as an official partner and participant of III Mining-and-geological business forum MINEX 2007 (Moscow), IV Federal Investment Forum (Moscow) and “Ural investment week 2007” (Ekaterinburg, Tyumen).
  • IFC МЕТROPOL took the 5th place in the ranking of the National Securities Market Association on brokerage capacity for the first half-year of 2007.
  • IFC МЕТROPOL became one of the top three among Russian investment companies in terms of the volume of assets for the first half-year 2007.
  • IFC МЕТROPOL and JP Morgan acted as financial advisers on placing of shares of additional issue of Open Joint Stock Company “YuGK TGK-8”.
  • IFC МЕТROPOL will act as an organizer of placing of additional issue of shares of Open Joint Stock Company "TGK-11".
  • Company METROPOL (UK) was granted a status of the market-maker on AIM of the London Stock Exchange.
  • MBC Resources became the “Company of year” following the results of III Mining-and-geological forum MINEX 2007.
  • Director General of IFC МЕТROPOL M.V. Slipenchuk delivered a lecture in the St.-Petersburg State Institute of Mining.


  • Following the results of the first quarter of 2007 IFC METROPOL is one of the top ten Russian companies in the category "Financial, investment and venture companies" according to the rating of the Agency of Commercial News.
  • M.V. Slipenchuk was elected as a Chairman of the Russian part of the Russian -Vietnamese business council.
  • M.V. Slipenchuk took 3 place in the rating "1000 most professional managers of Russia" (category "Financial sector") published in the newspaper "Kommersant".
  • Director General of МETROPOL AM M.J. Sheshelovsky took 8 place in the category «Top 25 most successful directors of Russian management companies» in the magazine Forbes’s opinion.
  • Foundation of the Public index Mutual Investment Fund "METROPOL POSEIDON - MICEX Index" headed by МETROPOL AM was finished ahead of schedule.
  • The delegation of МЕТROPOL GROUP headed by M.V. Slipenchuk successfully submitted projects of the Group within the framework of VI International investment forum "Sochi-2007".
  • МЕТROPOL GROUP and Vnesheconombank signed the Memorandum of interaction in development of the deposit and industrial construction work in Republic Buryatiya and the Chita region within the framework of the investment project «Complex development of Transbaikalia».
  • An employee of Metropol (UK) Peter Kuznetsov became the roller skiing champion of England.


  • An agreement on foundation of the "Corporation of Transbaikalia Development" was signed. МЕТROPOL GROUP, OJSC "HydroOGK", Government of the Republic Buryatiya and Administration of the Chita region became cofounders of the Corporation.
  • МЕТROPOL AM started foundation of Public index Mutual Investment Fund "METROPOL POSEIDON - MICEX Index".
    Insurance company "RK-GUARANTOR" joined МЕТROPOL GROUP.


  • Director General of IFC МЕТROPOL M.V. Slipenchuk took part in an international scientific practical conference «Features of economic activity in the Baikal natural area».
  • The delegation of МЕТROPOL GROUP headed by M.V. Slipenchuk took part in solemn inauguration of the President of Republic Buryatiya V.V.Nagovitsyn.
  • Director General of IFC МЕТROPOL M.V. Slipenchuk took part in a solemn ceremony of laying of the Memorable capsule - a symbol of the commencement of construction of the Moscow centre of martial arts.
  • «National Rating Agency» assigned an individual reliability rating "AA-"(very high level of reliability, the third level) to METROPOL AM.
  • IFC МETROPOL and administration of the Tomsk region signed an agreement on cooperation for the purpose of exploration, development and effective use of Bakcharsky iron-ore prospect. Within the framework of the signed agreement a transaction on merging of IFC МETROPOL and LLC «ТomGDK ruda» where the company gained 51 % share in the authorized capital, was finished.
  • METROPOL AM started foundation of public index Mutual Investment Fund "METROPOL POSEIDON - MICEX Index".


  • “II Russian rouble foundation” for private investors was created in Japan at support of AM "METROPOL".
  • CB “OBIBANK” has received the license of FSB of Russia for granting of the services in the protection of the information.
  • Corporation "Metals of Eastern Siberia" took part in the presentation of the state-private partnership project "Complex development of Transbaikalia" at XI Petersburg international economic forum.
  • MBC Resources presented its lead-zinc project in Moscow.
  • The delegation of METROPOL Group of companies headed by M.V. Slipenchuk hold a meeting with representatives of business circles of Republic Korea in Seoul.
  • METROPOL Group of companies sponsored the Cup of the President of the Russian Federation on sambo.


  • IFC METROPOL entered into the 1st class of transparent investment companies under the version of the rating agency Expert RА.
  • MBC Corporation purchased the Pervomayskaya thermal power station in the Chita area and has started the formation of its own power complex.
  • The Delegation of Metropol Group of companies headed by M.V. Slipenchuk took part in the solemn ceremony, devoted to the beginning of the activity of Group in China and to the purchasing of the office real estate in Beijing.


  • IFC METROPOL became the Winner of "Financial Elite - 2007" Award in the nomination "The Best universal investment company of the year".
  • The delegation of MBC Resources took part in Asia Nonferrous Metals Investment Dialogue conference in Shanghai.
  • General Director of IFC METROPOL M. Slipenchuk and General Director of METROPOL Asset Management M. Sheshelovsky won the first annual contest “Russian Market of Collective Investments” in the nomination “Personal Contribution to Attraction of Foreign Investments”.
  • METROPOL Asset Management won the nomination “The Company of a Large-Scale Developing Project”.
  • The delegation of METROPOL Group of Companies headed by M. Slipenchuk participated in the work of X Russian Economic Forum in London.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies purchased 75% of shares of Putnik Serbian travel agency.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies purchased 68% of shares of the International Joint-Stock Bank.


  • The delegation of METROPOL Group of Companies took part in the Second Russian-Japanese Investment Forum.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies opened its representation office in China.
  • Metropol (UK) Limited attracted $10 million of new investment for Teleset Networks PCL.
  • Investment company Metropol (Cyprus) Ltd. started its operational activity.
  • Head of METROPOL Group of Companies M.V. Slipenchuk was elected a member of the Board of Guardians of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Mines.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies sold its share in holding “Russian Accumulators”.


  • MBC Resources joined METROPOL Group to become the head company of the specialized ore holding.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies and East Siberian Metals Corporation were the general sponsors of the 4th IV Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum “The Industrial Basis for Development of Russia”.
  • The delegation of METROPOL Group took part in the first-ever Russian-Indian Forum on trade and investments in Delhi.
  • IFC METROPOL established the Charitable Foundation for Support of the Navy “CRUISER VARYAG”.
  • The delegation of METROPOL Group of Companies took part in the Second Russian-Japanese Investment Forum in Tokyo.


  • IFC METROPOL acted as an organizer and underwriter in placement of the first bonded debt of KB Gubernsky.
  • METROPOL Asset Management summarized the results of mutual funds management in 2006: Metropol Athena Investment Fund – profitability 51.04 %; Metropol Zolotoye Runo Investment Fund – profitability 43.17 %; Metropol Zeus Investment Fund – profitability 11.68 %.
  • General Director of IFC METROPOL M.V. Slipenchuk and General Director of East Siberian Metals Corporation O.V. Mikhailenko took part in the round table on the issue “Prospect of the Russian-Swedish Mining Dialogue”.


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