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  • December: Mikhail Slipenchuk, General Director of IFC METROPOL took part in the Second Federal Investment Forum which took place in Moscow.
    IFC METROPOL carried out IPO of shares Zirax Plc in the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.
    IFC METROPOL became one of the organizers of the Wushu Sanda match between the teams Kyokushin-kan Karate-do Federations of Russia and China.
  • November: Mikhail Slipenchuk took part in a number of large international conferences and forums covering business and financial problems: International Conference “Russia and South African Republic – Business in Developing Markets” in Cape Town; meeting of the Inter-Governmental Russian-Venezuelan High Level Commission in Caracas; Russian-Japanese Forum of Economic Cooperation in Tokyo.
  • October: Metropol (UK) Limited received category B. Financial Services Authorities of Great Britain provided the company with Variation of Permissions transferring it from category C to category B. From that moment Metropol (UK) Limited has the possibility to accept and fulfill orders for participation in public offering of shares and organization of transfer of non-documentary shares.
  • September: IFC METROPOL was an organizer and one of the main sponsors of the World Championship in Kyokushin Karate-do. The competition held in Moscow ended with a convincing victory of the Russian national team.
    The management company East Siberian Metals Corporation was registered. Among its goals are: the management of raw material projects of IFC METROPOL in the territory of the Republic of Buryatia, implementation of projects – from supplementary exploration of deposits and preparation of feasibility studies and to construction of mining and smelting enterprises and production.
  • August: KB OBIBANK was included into the system of insurance of citizens’ deposits. The Russia’s Banking Supervision Committee produced its positive conclusion concerning the results of consideration of the application of KB OBIBANK about compliance of the bank with the requirements for participation in the system of insurance of citizens’ deposits.
  • July: The IFC «METROPOL» is the organizer of the bonded loan of the LLC «Nizhne-Lenskoye-Invest», and the loan has been fully allocated.
    The IFC «METROPOL» is the 4-th by value of transactions according to the results of the second quarter, 2005 in the Classical share market of RTS, and the SIFs of the managing company «METROPOL Afina» hold the fifth place by profitableness, according to the rating of SIFs for the first half-year of 2005.
    The IFC «METROPOL», the first company among other Russian investment companies, opens its representation in France. The opening is dated for the National day of France.
  • June: At the shareholders’ general annual meeting of the JSC «Rostelecom» the board of directors was elected. The General Director of the IFC «METROPOL» Michael Viktorovich Slipenchuk, representing the interests of minority shareholders, went into the board for the fourth year successively.
    The IFC «METROPOL» takes part in the work of the ninth Petersburg International Economic Forum with the project of development of metallurgical mining holding and development of poly-metallic deposits in Buryatiya. 
  • May: The IFC «METROPOL» has won the National Competition «Elite of Share Market 2004» in the nomination «Opening of the Year» for opening of its representation in Japan.
    On May, 20, 2005 the new record in the history of the Russian aeronautics was established. For the first time the North Pole was achieved by air-balloon. The organization and support of the unique expedition were made by the IFC «METROPOL». 
  • April: The First Open Championship of Russia on Kyokusin-kan karate-do, organized by the Federation of Kyokusin-kan karate-do supported by the IFC «METROPOL» and by the Fund of Development of Fighting Arts, took place in Moscow. More than 140 sportsmen from all the federal districts of Russia participated in it. 
  • March: The funds of the company «METROPOL» became the most profitable share&investment funds in February, 2005, and entered the group of the first five of the most profitable SIFs for the 6 months.
    The IFC «METROPOL» is listed among the organizations selected by the JSC «Gazprom» for estimating activities.
    The affiliated company of the IFC «METROPOL», «Yaruuna-Invest» has won tender for the right to mine the beryllium ore deposit of Yermakovsky.
    The Investment Financial Company «METROPOL» has signed an agreement with the leading Chinese mining companies on cooperation in the field of development of deposits of poly-metallic ores. 
  • February: Supported by the IFC «METROPOL», the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of dairy products «Ukrproduct» made an initial public offer — IPO at the stock exchange in London. The primary allocation of shares allowed to involve 6 million pound sterlings (about $11 mln). The allocation was carried out on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) — a stock exchange of alternative investments.
    The General Director of the IFC «METROPOL» M.V.  Slipenchuk became the prizewinner of the Annual National Premium «Person of the Year» in the nomination «For Involvement of Investments into Real Economy». The IFC «METROPOL» was also awarded with the First degree order «For Professional Honour, Dignity and Honourable Business Reputation» — the highest public award for professional achievements. 
  • January: According to the results of 2004 the IFC «METROPOL» has taken the 5-th place by value of transactions made in the RTS Classical market. The bid value was 432 million US dollars. Thus, the company is fast holding the ground of one of the most active operators in the Russian share market.
    The General Director of the IFC «METROPOL» M.V.  Slipenchuk was awarded a medal «Professional of Russia». This public award is given for outstanding professional achievements in various spheres. There are talented doctors, poets, writers and eminent persons among its owners. 


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