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  • M.V. Slipenchuk stepped down from the position of General Director of IFC METROPOL due to his being elected to the 6th State Duma Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.  Yu.L. Vodopyanov, former First Deputy General Director, is appointed General Director of IFC METROPOL.
  • Sergey Solousov became Head of Corporate Finance Department of IFC METROPOL.
  • IFC METROPOL became winner of C-bonds Awards-2011 in the nomination “Best Team on the Government Bonds Futures Market”
  • IFC METROPOL acted as leading co-organizer of the next issue of JSC FGC UES bonds amounting to 15 billion roubles with a 12-year maturity and an offer in 2.5 years.
  • IFC METROPOL acted as leading co-organizer of the first placement of exchange-traded debentures of OJSC ANC Bashneft. The issue amount is 10 billion roubles, the maturity is 3 years, with a two-year offer.
  • IFC METROPOL is the leader of FORTS futures rating at the Federal Loan Bond market.
  • IFC METROPOL analysts are the most precise, and the company itself is again one of top ten Russian investment companies most accessible for the mass media.
  • IFC METROPOL successfully featured in financial companies’ ratings in 2011. In November, METROPOL was the leader of analytical departments rating at Slon.ru. In October 2011, Medialogia research company once again prepared the rating of Russia’s most public investment companies. IFC METROPOL took the 9th place in it.
  • Moscow assets of METROPOL DEVELOPMENT gained the highest class rating – A. Business centre Varshavka SKY owned by METROPOL DEVELOPMENT is assigned class A as a result of the All-Russia Classification of Office Real Estate Facilities by NP Guild of Managers and Developers (GMD).
  • METROPOL management company got the highest A rating in terms of quality of pension savings management. The rating is assigned by The Russian Economy School (RES).
  • 22 November in London, in one of the most famous British museums – Victoria and Albert Museum – personal exhibition of Zorikto Dorzhiyev “Steppe History” was inaugurated. One of the exhibition sponsors was METROPOL Group.
  • With the support of METROPOL Group, Vincent Perez’s photo exhibition opened In Moscow/ The exhibition of the famous French filmmaker was presented by RuArts Gallery.


  • IFC METROPOL organized the issue of bonds together with Gasprom Capital LLC
  • IFC METROPOL acted as a co-manager in the course of issue of two tranches of Eurobonds of Gasprom OJSC for the total sum of 1.6 bln USD.
  • IFC METROPOL is a laureate of the National award “Company of the year” in the nomination “Financial company of the year”
  • IFC METROPOL  supported a workshop organized by a world expert in treasury bond futures  
  • The MBC Corporation participated in International Mining Congress and Exhibition in China (CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2011)
  • The MBC Corporation to act as a co-investor in Russian Magnesium project
  • The MBC Corporation held a working meeting with the executives of Chinese company NFC (China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd) in Moscow
  • METROPOL DEVELOPMENT to act as a partner for Emelianenko -Monson fight
  • Open shares mixed investment fund of Metropol Afina ranks among the three most profitable mutual investment funds since early 2011
  • Venture fund Russian Ideas Accumulator participated in the Xth Forum “Intellectual property of the Eastern administrative district of Moscow”
  • Residents of METROPOL Group organized a projects presentation on the Welcome Day of “Baikal Harbor”


  • The head of METROPOL Group M.Slipenchuk was appointed an acting head of the chair of environmental management of the Faculty of geography of the MSU( Moscow State University) named after M. Lomonosov.
  • IFC METROPOL participated in the first Moscow international financial week that took place in Moscow on October 18-21, 2011.
  • RTS stock exchange and IFC METROPOL developed a number of analytical instruments –calculators – for effective operation of the futures for federal loan bonds.
  • Based on September 2011 results, IFC METROPOL took the first place in the rating of operators of federal loan bonds futures market at the RTS stock exchange (FORTS)
  • National rating agency confirmed individual credibility rating of Limited liability company Investment and Financial Company METROPOL at AAA level (maximal credibility).
  • IFC METROPOL acted as a chief co-organizer in the issue of the 15th series of FSC EES OJSC optional 3-year bonds for the amount of 10 bln. rubles with the period of circulation making up 12 years. The issue was successfully completed on October 24, 2011.
  • New composition of the Board of Directors of CB Obibank LLC was formed in the course of an extraordinary meeting of the bank members that took place on October 28, 2011.
  • The first meeting of Russian and Japanese shareholders of Obibank: towards the transfer to internet-banking.
  • METROPOL Group acted as a sponsor of the concert of the Japanese Kuromori Kagura folk band.
  • METROPOL Group participated in the 7th Mining forum MINEX
  • Moscow office of METROPOL Group was visited by a delegation of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia.
  • METROPOL Group acted as a partner of the gala-concert of Stradivarius-Dialogue international artistic project.
  • METROPOL Group participated in International mountain skiing salon that took place in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow on October 21-23.


  • Head of METROPOL Group of Companies M.V. Slipenchuk took part in the primaries’ winners meeting with Russian Prime Minister V.V. Putin.
  • M.V. Slipenchuk, Head of METROPOL Group of Companies, Chairman of Business Board for Cooperation with Vietnam, took part in the 10th session of the Russian-Vietnamese Work Group for Interbank Cooperation.
  • Mikhail Slipenchuk’s photo at Vincent Pérez’s photo exhibition.A famous actor and director (now a photo artist as well)Vincent Pérez included Mikhail Slipenchuk’s photo in his first personal exhibition that successfully opened in Vladivostok on 14 September.
  • IFC Metropol and RTS told about federal bond futures trading strategy to brokerage houses and investment companies, RTS employees and financial analysts.
  • IFC Metropol supported a children’s charitable football tournament. 12 to 14-year-old children from 12 boarding schools took part in the tournament, which was held on 7-8 September 2011 in Moscow.
  • IFC Metropol acted as Partner of Russia’s Financiers’ Day 2011.
  • IFC METROPOL took part in the Cbonds conference in London: on 15 and 16 September London hosted the 2nd edition of the Cbonds Russia & CIS Fixed Income Conference, which had already become a traditional meeting platform for Russian and Western debt market experts. IFC Metropol sponsored the event.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies presented its investment projects for the tourism business in the Baikal region at the Baikal Economic Forum 2011 in Irkutsk.
  • The delegation of METROPOL Group of Companies took part in the 7th Baikal International Economic Forum.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies opened new horizons for tourism in the Baikal region. The Putnik company (part of METROPOL), a resident of the “Baikal harbor” Special Economic Zone of tourism and vacation type, acquired new tourist assets on the Baikal shores – tourist camps “Bogatyr” and “Lukomorie”, as well as the cruise vessel “Atlant”.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies, three of whose companies are residents of the “Baikal harbor” Special Economic Zone of tourism and vacation type, organized an official reception for the Swiss delegation headed by Walter B. Gyger, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Russia, at the site of the “Turka” Special Economic Zone, currently under construction.
  • The delegation of METROPOL Group of Companies took part in the 15th China International Fair for Investment and Trade in China, which was held from 7 to 12 September in Xiamen, Fujian. The exhibition was aimed at attracting investments to the Chinese economy and searching for foreign projects attractive for Chinese investors.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies acted as partner for the International EurAsEc forum “Business in Eurasian Economic Community with the Customs Union and Common Economic Space”, which was held in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on 22 September.
  • RBC.Rating Agency published the largest Russian banks rating following the first half-year of 2011. Obibank ranked 194th.
  • The METROPOL Group of Companies colors are on the Wrangel island.


  • By results of July 2011 METROPOL Investment Financial Company ranks among the top three MICEX negotiated bond deal operators. The company’s aggregate deal turnover amounted to RUB 37,188,334,493.
  • Head of METROPOL Group of Companies Mikhail Slipenchuk ranks second in advance popular vote (primaries) in the Republic of Buryatia.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies will construct a beryllium ore hydrometallurgical processing works in Buryatia.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies and Japanese travel corporation JTB concluded a contract to set up an international travel product named Buryatia.
  • Head of METROPOL Group of Companies Mikhail Slipenchuk paid a working visit to the Kirov Region to inquire into its economic potential and investment opportunities. The program of the visit included a meeting between Mikhail Slipenchuk and Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh.


  • Mikhail Slipenchuk, Head of METROPOL Group, attended an appointment of business representatives with Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister, in Ulan-Ude.
  • METROPOL acted as a co-organizer and participant in the 5th International Workshop Conference on the Priorities and Peculiarities of the Baikal Region dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Buryatia’s willful accession to the Russian state.
  • The second phase of infrastructure facilities within Special Economic Zone Baikal Harbor was officially opened in Turka (Republic of Buryatia).
  • IFC METROPOL acted as the leading co-organizer of the latest bond issue by FGC UES.
  • IFC METROPOL acted as a financial advisor to the sellers in the completed acquisition of 100% of “Narodny” retail chain (Tatarstan) to X5 Retail Group.
  • A museum and planetarium complex of Museum of the Noosphere is under construction at full pelt in Irkutsk, supported by METROPOL.
  • According to the National League of Managers, Open Unit Investment Trust Metropol Athena took the 2nd place in the UIF RANKING in respect of profitability.
  • M.V. Slipenchuk, Head of METROPOL Group, held a working meeting with Mr. Li Hui, Chinese Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Russia.
  • M.V. Slipenchuk, Head of METROPOL Group, was awarded with a Medal for “200 Years of the Internal Forces of MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) of Russia”.
  • METROPOL took part in the 3rd International Conference “St. Petersburg as the Sea Capital of Russia. Sea Tourism”.
  • M.V. Slipenchuk, Head of METROPOL Group, attended a field meeting of the Maritime Board under the Russian Government.
  • Oleg Korol, Director General of METROPOL Development, was ranked among the top 20 developers in Russia according to CRE 100.
  • An international training workshop on kyokushin-kan karate-do was arranged and conducted with the participation and sponsorship by the Mining Bank of Congo in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • METROPOL GC arranged a vacation for children from large and needy families in the health camp of Enkhaluk on the Baikal shore.


  • Head of METROPOL Group of Companies M.V. Slipenchuk has been elected to the Presiding Committee of the European Business Congress.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies and the Japanese-based SBI Holdings have signed a number of documents including a purchase agreement and an option agreement under which SBI Holdings would buy a 50% share in the authorized capital of United Investment Bank (Obibank), which is part of METROPOL Group of Companies.
  • IFC METROPOL acted as a leading co-organizer of Enel OGK-5 bond issue.
  • A working meeting between Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn, President of the Republic of Buryatia, and Mikhail Slipenchuk, Head of METROPOL Group of Companies, was held in Ulan-Ude.
  • In Monte Carlo (Principality of Monaco) the Fund for Protection of Lake Baikal has completed the international presentation of the scientific results obtained by the “Mirs at Baikal” expedition (2008-2010) organized with the support of METROPOL Group of Companies.
  • In Moscow a press breakfast was held, dedicated to the creation of a new analytical product by IFC METROPOL – a bonds index of the electric power industry. The representatives of IFC METROPOL's debt instruments and derivatives department as well as reporters from the leading financial press attended the event.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies took part in the unveiling ceremony of the honorary plaque in memory of a Russian officer killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies took part in the working session of the Fifth All-Buryat Convention of the Association for Cultural Development (VARK) that was held in the republic’s capital – the city of Ulan-Ude.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies acted as a general partner of the 2nd International Chess Tournament for the prize of the traditional Buddhist Sangha in Russia, which closed in Ivolga Datsan.
  • METROPOL Development took part in the international real estate exhibition EIRE 2011 (Milan, Italy).


  • Head of METROPOL Group, MSU Professor Mikhail Slipenchuk took part in the meeting of Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj with MSU teachers and students.
  • Head of METROPOL Group and Chairman of the Vietnam-Russia Business Council Mikhail Slipenchuk expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotntiary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Russian Federation Bui Dinh Dinh for his cooperation on the occasion of termination of his mission.
  • METROPOL Group finalized the purchase of Baikal International Airport in Ulan-Ude from the Austrian MAI (Meinl Airports International).
  • IFC METROPOL was the general sponsor of the 2nd Investment Forum Investments in Russia. Capital Raising Opportunities that took place on May 20, 2011 in Moscow in the Holiday Inn Sokolniki.
  • Mikhail Slipenchuk was appointed Professor at the Chair of Environmental Management of the Department of Geography of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.
  • First run of the television film DOWN TO THE DEPTHS OF BAIKAL and presentation of 2011 projects of the Fund for Protection of Lake Baikal took place in Ulan-Bator (Mongolia).
  • Deputy General Director of IFC METROPOL Yuri Sapunov greeted the Great Patriotic War veterans in Ardatov (Republic of Mordovia).


  • IFC METROPOL Acts as Leading Co-organizer in the Bond Issue of Kuzbassenergo-Finance
  • METROPOL Group of Companies sponsored the presentation of Star Savior, a novel by Viktor Slipenchuk, in Beijing.
  • IFC METROPOL strengthens the business direction of corporate finance. Alexander Zhizhin who joined IFC METROPOL with his team was appointed Managing Director of the Corporate Finance Department of IFC METROPOL.
  • IFC METROPOL strengthened its bond team. In the framework of the development strategy for the debt instrument and derivative department, IFC METROPOL created a new business unit – Debt Capital Market Administration, headed by Vladimir Kutsev.
  • IFC METROPOL acted as the leading co-organizer in the bond issue by OJSC RusHydro.
  • Head of METROPOL Group of Companies Mr Slipenchuk was awarded a Magician’s Diploma of the Children’s Art Award ANDRYUSHA-2011.
  • IFC METROPOL sponsored the Fourth Caspian Energy Forum in the framework of the Caspian Dialogue 2011 International Economic Forum.
  • Mr Slipenchuk, head of METROPOL Group of Companies, is among the Wealthiest Businessmen of Russia-2011 according to Forbes Russia.
  • The Buryat Republican Puppet Theatre Ulger (Ulan-Ude) hosted a presentation of the children’s book Zarkhai, the Son of Tarkhai. It was dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of Shirab Nimbuev, a prominent Buryat writer, poet, journalist and translator. The publication of the book was mostly financed by METROPOL Group of Companies and was overseen personally Mikhail Slipenchuk and Bair Tsyrenov.
  • IFC METROPOL acted as the leading co-organizer in the bond issue by Irkutskenergo.
  • The delegation of METROPOL Group of Companies attended the Coordination Committee meeting under the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian Federation President in the Siberian Federal District V.A. Tolokonsky.
  • Mr Slipenchuk and a delegation of IFC Metropol attended the meeting of the European Business Congress in Edinburgh.
  • Mr Slipenchuk and a delegation of IFC METROPOL visited the memorial of the legendary Varyag cruiser in Scotland.
  • In Moscow the Seventh Open Kyokushin-kan Karate-do Championship was held at the Martial Arts Palace.
  • Mr Slipenchuk attended the conference Results of Patomsky Crater-2010 Scientific and Research Expedition and met with students of Saint Petersburg Mining University.


  • On March 25 Head of METROPOL Group of Companies M.V. Slipenchuk received a certificate of a deputy of the council of deputies of Isinga District No.13 (Republic of Buryatia).
  • On March 22 top managers of METROPOL Group of Companies held in Moscow negotiations with Serbian State Secretary for Tourism Goran Petkovic devoted to potential development of Serbian alpine-skiing resort Kopaonik, where the Group owns the Putnik and Club A hotels.
  • On March 13, 2011 Head of METROPOL Group of Companies M.V. Slipenchuk won an election in Buryatia, where he was elected a deputy of Eravninskiy District municipal entity.
  • On March 11 at a ceremony held in Moscow an agreement was signed between Putnik Siberia, a business within METROPOL Group of Companies, and architectural and engineering company Nikken Sekkei Ltd (Japan).
  • At Europe’s largest real estate forum MIPIM-2011 held in Cannes, France, from March 8 to 11 METROPOL Group of Companies presented two development projects: Metropolia business district in Moscow and St Mark Island in Montenegro.


  • Head of METROPOL Group of Companies M.V.Slipenchuk awarded PERSON OF THE YEAR in the nomination Businessman of the Year for “achievements realization of innovative regional and international projects”.
  • General Director of IFC METROPOL M.V.Slipenchuk took part in international conference “Development of Economic Relationships with North-East Asia” and met Japanese partners of the company during his stay in Japan.
  • Head of METROPOL Group of Companies M.V.Slipenchuk listed among the top 500 Russian billionaires in 2011 according to Finance magazine.
  • IFC METROPOL underwent restructuring and strengthened the team under the management of CEO A.O.Rodzianko.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies presented the Youth of Buryatia memorial to Ulan-Ude.


  • IFC METROPOL has joined the top ten transparent investment companies as rated by the Mediology company especially for the PRIME-TASS agency.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies Steps Up Its Business in Transbaikalia.


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