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  • Head of METROPOL Group of companies M.V. Slipenchuk held a working meetings with the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo J. Kabila and the Ambassador of Luxembourg in the Russian Federation G. Stronk
  • METROPOL Group of Companies employees took part in the International Nanotechnologies Forum
  • METROPOL Group of companies sponsored the Fifth Superiority of Russia on Kiokushin-kan karate-do.
  • Head of METROPOL Group of companies M. V. Slipenchuk was decorated with an order “For Achievements in Ensuring National Security” F.Dzerzhinsky medal, and a medal issued in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Northern Fleet.


  • National Rating Agency Confirms IFC METROPOL Individual Reliability Rating AAA - maximal reliability
  • Delegation from METROPOL Group Led By Mikhail Slipenchuk Takes Part in Russia Investment Roadshow in Dubai
  • IFC METROPOL is the Official Partner of 5th Federal Investment Forum
  • National League of Managers Ranks Metropol Golden Fleece and Metropol Athena Open Mutual Funds in Top 3 mutual Funds by Performance
  • Specialists from Russian Idea Accumulator Venture Fund Take Part in 7th Intellectual Property Forum in Moscow
  • Head of METROPOL Group Mikhail Slipenchuk takes Part in International Meeting of Experts Devoted to Raising Schooner Frau Maria
  • Exhibition Titled “Lake Baikal and the History of the Russian Fleet—Part 1: Buryatia and the Fleet,” Organized by Lake Baikal Preservation Foundation and the Charity Foundation “Cruiser “Varyag” with the Support of METROPOL Group, Acknowledged Best Museum Project of 2008 in Republic of Buryatia


  • Head of METROPOL Group M. Slipenchuk took part in EurAsEC summit in Bishkek, Russian-Vietnamese Business Forum in Moscow and Moscow-Invest 2008 11th International Investment Forum in Vienna.
  • METROPOL Group management conducted negotiations with Deputy Minister of Natural Resource of Canada
  • IFC METROPOL took part in the organization and realization of a road-show for Dalsvyaz Company in Japan
  • IFC METROPOL achieved leading positions in a number of ratings: 3rd place in the Thompson Reuters’ rating of M&A deals in Eastern Europe over the first nine months of 2008; 3rd place in the Kommersant Money magazine’s rating of Russian investment companies based on first half-year of 2008 results and 5th place in the rating of leading operators on the RTS Classical Market for Q3 2008
  • M. Slipenchuk became the new METROPOL Asset Management Director General
  • I. Okhtyrsky became the new Director General MBC Corporation
  • METROPOL Group provided organizational and financial support for the 70th anniversary celebration of the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • METROPOL Group became the partner of Professional Media Awards 2008


  • M. V. Slipenchuk joins the list of Russia’s best financial sector senior executives, according to a ranking compiled by the Russian Managers Association and the Kommersant newspaper
  • METROPOL Group of Companies delegation headed by M. V. Slipenchuk takes part in the Real Estate Investment Forum (Tokyo), the 3rd Russian-Japanese Investment Forum (Saint Petersburg), and the 5th Baikal Economic Forum (Irkutsk)
  • The Head of METROPOL Group of companies M. V. Slipenchuk is received by the Prince and Princess of Serbia, Alexander II and Katarina, during his visit to the Republic of Serbia
  • The Obibank Commercial Bank comes in 176th in a ranking of Russian banks’ net asset values for the first half-year of 2008
  • The Moscow Martial Arts Center, a project developed by Metropol Development LLC, holds its official opening
  • METROPOL Group of companies acts as the General Sponsor of the 2nd Open European Championship in Kyokushin-kan Karate-do, which was held in Moscow
  • METROPOL Group of companies provides organizational and financial support for the United Nations’ Planet for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign


  • The National Rating Agency raises individual reliability rating of METROPOL Asset Management to AA (very high reliability, level two)
  • IFC METROPOL enters the Top-10 list of Russian companies quoted by federal and specialized press in July 2008
  • The conversion of shares in the Grocery Factories of Maxim Antonov JSC (JSC Bakaleinye Fabriki Maksima Antonova) began on August 6, 2008 within the frameworks of its preparation for an IPO on the MICEX Stock Exchange. IFC METROPOL is acting as the financial consultant and organizers of the IPO
  • Head of METROPOL Group M. Slipenchuk took part in the ceremony to award the winners of the International yachting regatta on Lake Baikal “Windswept”


  • Head of METROPOL Group M. Slipenchuk makes first deep submersion in Lake Baikal with the crew of manned submersible “Mir-1”
  • Head of METROPOL Group M. Slipenchuk took part in the III International conference “Priorities and peculiarities of development of the Baikal region” and the in the opening of “Buryatia and the history of Russian Navy” exhibition (Ulan-Ude).
  • Head of METROPOL Group M. Slipenchuk and MBC Corporation Director General O. Mikhaylenko took part in ceremonial opening of sanctuary of Zandan Zhoo sanctity in Republic of Buryatia.
  • IFC METROPOL joined the best investment banks on the M&A market of Eastern Europe by the results of the first six months of 2008 (according to Thomson Reuters and Dealogic)
  • IFC METROPOL acted as General sponsor of the Caspian Energy Forum “Caspian Energy — Energy of the World”
  • The representatives of METROPOL Group took part in the 18th International business conference of RBC on Cyprus


  • Delegation of METROPOL Group headed by M. Slipenchuk took part on the XII International economic forum in Saint Petersburg
  • Delegation of METROPOL Group headed by M. Slipenchuk took part in the celebration of 85th anniversary of travel agency Putnik
  • Representatives of IFC METROPOL took part in the IX International Grain Round (Turkey) and II International investment forum (St. Petersburg)
  • Specialists of IFC Metropol Research Department reached leading positions in Thomson Extel Survey — Focus Russia 2008 rating.
  • The President — Chairman of the Government of Republic of Buryatia V. Nagovitsin and the Head of METROPOL Group M. Slipenchuk held a working meeting
  • Within the frameworks of the press-conference in Russian news & information agency Novosti the presentation of Fund for protection of Lake Baikal took place.


  • The delegation of METROPOL Group headed by M. Slipenchuk presented their largest projects at the International property investment and development event Cityscape 2008 in Abu Dhabi
  • The delegation of METROPOL Group headed by M. Slipenchuk took part in the 2nd International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” in Sochi
  • IFC METROPOL took part in the IV Professional Conference “Infrastructure of securities market” in Veliky Novgorod
  • Equities IFC METROPOL presented Ukrproduct Group to the representatives of Russian and foreign companies
  • METROPOL Asset Management obtained the termless licence for investment funds, share investment funds and not state pension funds management.


  • IFC METROPOL became the Winner of “Financial Elite” Annual Awards in the nomination “Efficiency and profitability”
  • The Head of METROPOL Group of companies M.V. Slipenchuk is elected as the Chairman of the board of directors of JSC Zapsibgazprom
  • President of Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila signed the Decree on creation of the Mining Bank of Congo
  • Representatives of METROPOL Group of companies took part in a number of large events: 4th International Russian Power Forum (London); International conference “Oil and Gas in Turkmenistan – 2008” (Ashkhabad); II Annual conference "The Company-emitter 2008. Financial strategy of development. The fair prices of business" (Moscow); IV Russian IPO Congress (Moscow).
  • The presentation of “Metropoliya” project for representatives of the major Japanese development and architectonic companies took place in Tokyo
  • IFC METROPOL stepped forth as the organizer of sale of JSC RAO UES of Russia owned and existing in state share TGK-4 shares (together with ABN Amro) and as the financial consultant in the sale of a blocking stake in Granit JSC.
  • IFC METROPOL will step forth as a financial consultant and organizer of IPO OJSC “Maksim Antonov grocery factories” conduction and as the financial consultant and organizer of an over-the-counter flotation of O2TV television channel shares
  • METROPOL (Cyprus) Ltd is accepted as a member of the Russian Business Association in Cyprus
  • The presentation of the venture capital fund "Russian Accumulator of Ideas" took place at the XI Moscow international industrial property exposition "Archimedes — 2008" and at the 9th International Forum “High Technologies of the 21st Century”


  • Delegation of METROPOL Group of companies headed by M.V. Slipenchuk has presented big developing projects “Metropoliya” and “Saint Mark Island” at the XIX International Investing Real-estate Exhibition MIPIM-2008 in Cannes, France. 
  • Leader of METROPOL Group of companies M.V. Slipenchuk is elected to be a president of Association “EurAsEC Business Council”.
  • IFC METROPOL Vietnamese and Russian bank have signed the memorandum of cooperation.
  • IFC METROPOL is acknowledged to be a winner of the opened competition for the right of contract making on rendering of consultation service on working out a Complex program that increases OJSC “Mosenergosbut” market capitalization.
  • IFC METROPOL representatives have taken part at the exit session of the Committee on the questions of SCO and CICS countries that was held in Bishkek.
  • IFC METROPOL stock analysts have gone into the number of leaders according to the rate results of the magazine “Finance”.
  • The company Metropol (UK) Limited is appointed to be a joint broker of Ukrproduct Group Limited at AIM London Stock Market.
  • During the science sporting climbing expedition “Russia-Antarctica-2008” flags of METROPOL Group of companies and Corporation of Transbaikalia development were placed on one of Antarctica mountain top.


  • Delegation of METROPOL Group of companies headed by M.V. Slipenchuk took part in the 5th Economic Forum of Krasnoyarsk «Russia 2008-2020. Management of growth»
  • Delegation of METROPOL Group headed by M.V. Slipenchuk took part in the opening of the early production facilities of GOK Ozerniy in the Republic of Buryatia.
  • «Bistrinskoe» LLC, an affiliated company of IFC METROPOL won the auction to develop Bistrinski field of marmorized limestone in Irkutsk region.
  • IFC METROPOL became Golden Sponsor of the Investment Forum «Railway sector of Russia»
  • Chairperson of the Board of Directors of MBC Corporation I.А. Okhtyrsky was elected Chairperson of the Russian side of Russian Turkmenian Business Council.


  • Dealogic ratings show that IFC METROPOL holds the M&A lead in Russian financial consultant market in 2007.
  • Thomson Financial ratings show that IFC METROPOL holds the M&A lead in Eastern Europe financial consultant market in 2007.
  • IFC METROPOL provided agency support on the first deals, made online by Japanese broker company on Russian MICEX exchange.
  • METROPOL Group mission headed by М.V. Slipenchuk visited the United Arab Emirates. The negotiations with Ras-el-Heim Emirate administration were maintained during the visit.
  • A joint press-conference on “Metropoliya” project cooperation was held by the representatives of METROPOL Group and Japanese architectural-engineering company Nikken Sekkei in RIA Novosti.


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