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  • National Rating Agency has confirmed IFC METROPOL individual reliability rating at AAA level (maximum reliability).
  • METROPOL Group of Companies was a partner of the International Scientific and Practical Conference held in Moscow.
  • Metropol Afina was the most profitable mutual fund in November 2010, according to RBC rating.
  • Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Business Council, METROPOL Group CEO Mikhail Slipenchuk attended the 29th session of the EurAsEC Interstate Council at the level of Heads of State.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies CEO Mikhail Slipenchuk has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland (2nd degree)
  • Pavel Khramshin was appointed Chairman of the Board of Obibank Ltd. by an extraordinary general meeting of Obibank participants held on December 14, 2010.
  • METROPOL Group CEO Mikhail Slipenchuk has been awarded the Russian Army Memorial Medal 80 YEARS AIRBORNE TROOPS ANNIVERSARY.
  • IFC METROPOL was the lead co-organizer of Rusnano debut bond issue Series 01, 02 and 03 worth RUB 33 billion.
  • IFC METROPOL helped to carry out major renovations of the premises of the Department of Environmental Management of the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University.


  • METROPOL Group of Companies opened a hotel in Belgrade – the Tulip Inn Putnik Belgrade. Alexis Rodzianko, Executive Director of IFC METROPOL, was named Industry Legend of the Year in private banking and wealth management at SPEAR'S Russia Wealth Management Awards ceremony.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies signed an agreement with Metallurgical Corporation of China at the 5th Russia-China Economic Forum.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies CEO Mikhail Slipenchuk was awarded a Laureate Diploma of the Top 1000 Russian Managers rating by the Russian Managers Association. METROPOL Group of Companies took part in the 4th Japan-Russia Investment Forum.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies signed two memorandums of cooperation with Nikken Sekkei Ltd. on implementing Japanese energy-saving and innovative technologies in two construction development projects: METROPOLIA, a new business district in Moscow, and International Tourist Center on Lake Baikal, in the Baikal Harbor special economic zone in the Buryat Republic.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies signed an agreement with Banyan Tree Holdings Limited according to which Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts has become an official hotel operator of the integrated resort Sveti Marko Island (Montenegro).
  • IFC METROPOL and Japanese SBI Holdings Inc. signed a Statement on completing the purchase by SBI of 50% in the capital of the United Investment Bank (OBIBANK, a METROPOL Group company).
  • MetroFan corporate magazine has won the award in the contest “The Best Corporate Media among Russian and the CIS Metallurgical Companies – 2010” in the category “The Best Corporate Magazine for Partners”.
  • MBC Corporation was the General Sponsor of the interregional exhibition-forum Buryatia Subsoil 2010.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies was awarded a diploma for participation in the Festival of Real Estate Investments in Montenegro.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies CEO Mikhail Slipenchuk was ranked among Russia’s TOP 10 managers in the financial sector according to Russian Top Managers Rating 2010 compiled annually by the Russian Managers Association in cooperation with the Kommersant Publishing House.
  • METROPOL Development took part in the Moscow-Invest 2010 forum. METROPOL Group of Companies CEO Mikhail Slipenchuk has been awarded Mongolia’s Order of the Polar Star for achievements in promoting Russian-Mongolian relations.


  • On November 1, 2010, Alexis Rodzianko joined METROPOL Group of Companies as Chief Executive Director of LLC IFC METROPOL.
  • OJSC Zapsibgazprom, managed by METROPOL Group of Companies, put into operation seven facilities of the first phase of construction of the Baikal Harbor Special Economic Zone of tourism and vacation type.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies CEO Mikhail Slipenchuk has been awarded Mongolia’s Order of the Polar Star for achievements in promoting Russian-Mongolian relations.
  • In 2010, IFC METROPOL made a decision to enter the debt capital market with the purpose of capitalizing in primary offerings in Russia’s energy sector and gaining a position of expert and market maker in the energy sector secondary market.
  • METROPOL Group of Companies CEO and President of Russia’s Kyokushi-kan Karate-do Federation Mikhail Slipenchuk headed the Russian delegation at the 3rd Open European Kyokushi-kan Karate Tournament.
  • IFC METROPOL was ranked among the largest investment companies in terms of own capital, according to the Finance magazine rating.
  • MBC Corporation took part in the MINEX Russia and CIS 2010 forum. METROPOL Development took part in the International Commercial Property Exposition EXPO REAL 2010 where it presented two major development projects: METROPOLIA Business District and St. Mark’s Island Deluxe Resort.
  • METROPOL Development presented the METROPOLIA development project at Cityscape Global 2010 Expo. A representative of METROPOL Management Company and Natalia Annenskaya, Deputy CEO of IFC METROPOL, took part in Financial Literacy Train project.


  • The third issue of theMetroFan magazine, corporate publication of METROPOL Group of Companies, was published.
  • The third season of Lake Baikal exploration, part of the “Mirs at Baikal” scientific research expedition, was officially closed at the 6th Baikal International Economic Forum.
  • The METROPOLIA Business District project enteredthe final round of the contest “The Best Implemented Developer Project in the Russian Real Estate Market 2010”
  • METROPOL Group of Companies was the organizer and sponsor of the Russian House Culture Center at the First World Martial Arts Games in Beijing
  • IFC METROPOL CEO Mikhail Slipenchuk once again ranked among the best Russian top managers according to the rating compiled by the Russian Managers Association in cooperation with the Kommersant newspaper.
  • IFC METROPOL CEO Mikhail Slipenchuk made a presentation at the international forum Arctic: Territory of Dialogue.
  • OJSC Zapsibgazprom subsidiaries were awarded medals and diplomas at the 17th “Oil and Gas. Fuel and Energy Complex” Specialized Exhibition.
  • A delegation METROPOL Group of Companies took part in the 9th International Investment Forum “Sochi – 2010”


  • Ulan-Ude received a delegation from Japan. The business visit was organized by METROPOL group of companies together with the Government of the Republic of Buryatia. The Japanese businessmen took a closer look at the most promising investment projects: Ozernoe lead, zinc deposit as well as The Baikal Harbour Special Economic Zone for Tourism and Recreation.  
  • The award ceremony contest for the nominees of the Best Investment and Construction Project 2009 was held in Moscow on August 2. The Moscow Centre of Martial Arts was the absolute winner in the “Sports Facilities” nomination.
  • The launching ceremony of Tobolskaya gas distribution station was held at Tobolskaya CHPP in the Tyumen region. The station was built by OJSC Zapsibgazprom that is managed by IFC METROPOL.
  • METROPOL group of companies in cooperation with the Fund for the Protection of Lake Baikal rendered financial and organizational support to the scientific expedition to Patomsky crater (Irkutsk region). Members of the expedition included S.M. Mironov, Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia and a geo-scientist by education and M.V. Slipenchuk, President of METROPOL group of companies and a geographer by education.
  • Yukio Hatoyama, Ex-Prime Minister of Japan, and now a deputy of the Japanese House of Representatives paid a visit to IFC METROPOL’s office and met M.V. Slipenchuk.
  • IFC METROPOL provided sponsorship for the Let There Always Be Sun musical program, dedicated to friendly relations between Russia and Japan.


  • The third season of the Scientific Research Expeditions “Mirs on Baikal” has begun. During the expedition Mikhail Slipenchuk, Head of METROPOL Group, and Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia, dived to the bed of Lake Baikal in one of the MIR deep-submergence vehicles.  
  • The METROPOL Group delegation headed by Mikhail Slipenchuk took part in the International Research and Practice Conference “Baikal Region Priorities in the Asian Geopolitics of Russia” within the Baikal Economic Forum. During the conference the participants visited Baikal Harbour – special economic zone for tourism and recreation.
  • The METROPOL Group representatives took part in the public reception held by the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Russian Federation.
  • Mikhail Slipenchuk, Head of METROPOL Group, participated in the fourth General Session of the Convention of Mongols of the World held in Ulan-Ude.
  • The President of the Supreme Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation conferred a degree of Doctor of Science (Economics) on Mikhail Slipenchuk.
  • Mikhail Slipenchuk, General Director of IFC METROPOL, was awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for Country of the second degree.
  • Mikhail Slipenchuk, General Director of IFC METROPOL, was awarded a Certificate of Honour of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Nature Resources for effective participation in ensuring ecological safety and environmental protection.


  • Mikhail Slipenchuk visited the 13th Annual General Meeting of the European Business Congress (EBC) held in Cannes, France. During the congress, IFC METROPOL was admitted into the EBC.
  • IFC METROPOL sponsored a seminar on special economic zones of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Buryatia held in Tokyo. During the event, President of the Republic of Buryatia V.V. Nagovitsyn and METROPOL Group General Director M.V. Slipenchuk gave a presentation on the Baikal Harbor special tourism-and-recreation economic zone.
  • IFC METROPOL won the National Financial Olympus Award in the Dynamics and Effectiveness subcategory of the Investment Strategy category.
  • METROPOL DEVELOPMENT Company took part in the Expo Italia Real Estate 2010 international professional real estate exhibition in Milan, Italy.
  • The Metropolia Business District won the Best European Smart City award at Real Estate Awards 2010.
  • The Moscow Martial Arts Center won the annual Moscow competition for Best Completed Project in 2009 in the field of investment and construction in the Sports Facilities category.


  • IFC METROPOL, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce of Russia, with the support of the Coordinating Committee for Cooperation with the Countries of Africa South of the Sahara, held a business forum titled Investment Cooperation: New Horizons in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Brazzaville (Congo).
  • A delegation from MBC Corporation attended the Mining and Asia Focus 2010 investment conference in Shanghai, China.
  • Mikhail Slipenchuk took part in an expanded meeting of the Coordinating Council and Board of the Eurasian Business Council.


  • IFC METROPOL was awarded Finans magazine’s Annual Prize in the Success in Mergers and Acquisitions category.
  • IFC METROPOL participated in the Financial Literacy Week in the Regions of Russia project, organized by the Expert Group on Financial Education under the Federal Financial Markets Service.
  • The National Rating Agency confirmed the A- individual credit rating for OBIBANK Commercial Bank.
  • The final agreement on the sale of 50% of OBIBANK to the Japanese company SBI Holdings was reached.
  • The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) granted MBC Corporation the rights that enable the functions of the sole executive body of Ozerny Mining Plant OJSC and Nazarovskoye LLC.
  • IFC METROPOL and Bair Tsyrenov, Deputy General Director of MBC Corporation, won the Philanthropist 2009 contest in Buryatia.


  • According to RBC’s annual rating of the largest investment companies, IFC METROPOL took 8th place in trading volume in 2009.
  • A delegation from METROPOL Group headed by M.V. Slipenchuk took part in the MIPIM-2010 international investment exhibition. The company presented an updated concept of its Metropolia Business District.
  • METROPOL Group was the official sponsor of the Third Caspian Energy Forum held in Moscow.
  • OBIBANK Commercial Bank took 65th place in a ranking of banks in terms of asset management effectiveness in 2009 (according to RBC Rating Agency).
  • The magazine MetroFan was awarded a “Best Corporate Media for 2010” award and was named Best Corporate Magazine of a Financial Company
  • METROPOL Group of Companies was given an official reception on the occasion of the first Russian performances of the Nihon Buyo Japanese National Dance Theatre.


  • METROPOL Group and the Japanese company SBI Holdings signed a memorandum of understanding on joint development of Internet banking services in the Russian market and SBI Holdings’ acquisition of a 50% stake in OBIBANK’s share capital.
  • IFC METROPOL was selected as the agent for the restructuring of the third series of Nizhnyeye Lyenskoye Invest bonds.
  • A delegation from MBC Corporation participated in a major mining conference called Mining Indaba 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • METROPOL Group General Director Mikhail Slipenchuk paid a visit to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as part of a delegation from the City of Moscow.
  • METROPOL Group General Director Mikhail Slipenchuk once again made Finans magazine’s list of the richest men in Russia.
  • A solemn ceremony in honor of the 106th anniversary of the battle of the Cruiser Varyag was held at the Murom Holy Transfiguration Monastery on the initiative of the Accounting Chamber of Russia and the Cruiser Varyag Foundation.


  • IFC METROPOL occupies 23rd position in “Largest brokers in Russia in 2009” rating made by "RBC. Rating" agency
  • M.V. Slipenchuk, head of METROPOL Group, takes part in the Russian-Singapore industrial conference
  • METROPOL Asset Management became a member of the National Association of pension funds


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